Healthy Eating Tips for Road Trippers

on the road
On the road
On the road

It is said that the best part about traveling is the journey itself. This rings true for road trips. It can be a quite memorable experience regardless of your destination and if you are traveling alone or with family or friends. The scenic routes, the stops, and just being out there in open roads provide plenty of fodder for unforgettable memories and stories. But life on the road can also be a challenge when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet. Thankfully, there are fairly simple ways to eat right while spending days or weeks on the road.

Include food in your plans

Plan your road trips down to the last detail, which means anticipating your food needs. Pack whatever you can bring with you like healthy snacks such as crackers, fruits, nuts, or some trail mixes. These should prevent you from making unnecessary stops and purchases if you want some snacks in between meals.

Stick to scheduled stops

Schedule food or meal stops and stick to it. This can help in preventing impulse eating at any random restaurant or café that catches your eyes while on the road. You can plan food stops ahead by doing some online search on restaurants you will like find on the route. Or you can download a mobile app that will help you look for restaurants near your location.

Choose healthy foods

Some of the restaurants you find during road stops may not specialize in healthy foods. But this does not mean you cannot find anything nutritious to eat on the menu. You just have to take the time to read the food descriptions carefully. Make special requests if you have to like substituting certain ingredients for healthier options.

Be wary of portion sizes

Portion sizes often vary in restaurants. Some may have bigger serving sizes than others. You do not have to finish off a meal on your own to avoid wasting food. You can just have the leftovers packed if you do not have anyone to share it with. You can always eat what is left as you continue on your journey. If you are traveling with family or friends, you can share with everyone which is may actually be a cheaper way to enjoy food while on road trips.

Healthy eating on road trips is possible with advance planning and self-discipline. Make the most of your time on the road without feeling guilty about stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods. Eat healthy, have fun, and experience the joys of road trips give.

The benefits you get as a PlayStation Plus Member


The world of gaming has changed since the first PlayStation was launched. The Internet has greatly influenced how people enjoy gaming and to cope up with today’s technological advancements, PlayStation has released PlayStation Plus to help gamers enjoy their consoles to the fullest.

If you love your PlayStation so much, there’s no reason not to upgrade to PlayStation Plus. This awesome new service enables a subscriber to have full access to some cool features of the Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PS Vita. The features include online multiplayer on your PS4 and access to free games every month.

Digital subscriptions done through your device is usually priced at $9.99 for one month, $17.99 for three months or $49.99 annually. Subscribers are encouraged to enroll in long-term plans to save on subscription fees. But you can also opt to pay for one month before purchasing a full month or month’s worth of subscription. Take note, PlayStation offers a 14-day trial for new users. And if you don’t have the money for it you can just find a way to get free psn codes.

What subscribe to PlayStation Plus?

Online Gaming Access

Signing up with PlayStation Plus means, subscribers get to access the best online gaming community. Players can opt to team up, connect and compete with their friends and fellow PlayStation Plus users worldwide using their favorite PS4 multiplayer games (sold separately).

‘Freebies’ Galore

If you’re a gamer and a freebie junkie, then PlayStation Plus is for you. Each membership comes with free games to expand your gaming horizon. Some ‘Instant Games’ packed with your subscription include NBA 2k16, Gone Home: Console Edition for PS4, Echochrome for PS3, Siren: Blood Curse (Episodes 1-12) for Ps3, God of War: Chains of Olympus, PS Vita and Little Deviants for PS Vita.

In addition, it is worth noting that the free games library is still growing and more titles might come packed with your subscription in the future.

Exclusive Access to Fun Deals

As a member, you have exclusive benefits on the PlayStation Store. This includes member-only sales, discounts and special deals with the latest and most popular available games up to 80% off. Sweet!

PlayStation Plus will help any gamer get the most out of their PlayStation. But non-serious gamers can also benefit from the membership as the discounts and special deals include selected movies, TV shows and other contents within the PlayStation Store.

Is it worth it?

It all boils down to the need of the gamer, but if portability, free games and huge PlayStation Store discount matter to you, why wait? Sign up for a PlayStation Plus subscription today.


What is a Spotting Scope?

Finally, you have decided to get a spotting scope and add it to your optical tools collection. But there is a problem: which one are you going to get?

You can sit around all day and browse over 20 pages of spotting scopes with hundreds of different sizes and models; not to mention, deal with the confusion on which one is better. Yes, you could do that. Or, you could save yourself the trouble and know first what a spotting scope really is and see what you really want. I’d highly suggest to see this list that contains a lot of spotting scope reviews.

spotting scope

What is a spotting scope?

Often compared to an astronomical telescope, the spotting scope has set itself apart to be a modified telescope which can be used during the day. It produces an upright image unlike the other which produces a reversed one. It is also smaller in size for portability, but in exchange for a lower magnification. It makes up for the magnification, however, as most spotting scopes are water and fog proof.

Where do you use a spotting scope?

Since it provides more magnification than binoculars, spotting scopes are often used for viewing, hunting or even surveillance of ships, landscape, wildlife and other distant objects. It is also used a lot for birding and scoring targets. Spotting scopes are also used in taking long distance pictures with the use of capable cameras.

What do the numbers mean in a spotting scope label?

There are usually three numbers used to label a spotting scope. The first two represent the range of magnification a spotting scope can reach. The last one represents the size of the the front lens. So if you encounter a “15-45×60” model, then that means that the spotting scope has a 15-45x zoom magnification range and it has a 60mm in diameter front lens.

How is a spotting scope’s magnification?

Remember that spotting scopes are made to exceed the limitations conventional binoculars have. You can safely expect that they have higher magnification levels to let you view the scenery better than binoculars could serve you. However, you should consider that there are factors which can affect the performance of your spotting scope such as the atmosphere. There will be altitudes where your scope will work better and there will be times that it won’t look as good.

If you are definitely getting one, expect in line with price. A huge gap rests between low quality scopes and those considered premium grade ones. If you settle with a cheap ones, you can still get to use it in many applications; but if you are aiming for the performance of a high grade model, you will pay the price.


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