Healthy Eating Tips for Road Trippers

On the road

On the road

It is said that the best part about traveling is the journey itself. This rings true for road trips. It can be a quite memorable experience regardless of your destination and if you are traveling alone or with family or friends. The scenic routes, the stops, and just being out there in open roads provide plenty of fodder for unforgettable memories and stories. But life on the road can also be a challenge when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet. Thankfully, there are fairly simple ways to eat right while spending days or weeks on the road.

Include food in your plans

Plan your road trips down to the last detail, which means anticipating your food needs. Pack whatever you can bring with you like healthy snacks such as crackers, fruits, nuts, or some trail mixes. These should prevent you from making unnecessary stops and purchases if you want some snacks in between meals.

Stick to scheduled stops

Schedule food or meal stops and stick to it. This can help in preventing impulse eating at any random restaurant or café that catches your eyes while on the road. You can plan food stops ahead by doing some online search on restaurants you will like find on the route. Or you can download a mobile app that will help you look for restaurants near your location.

Choose healthy foods

Some of the restaurants you find during road stops may not specialize in healthy foods. But this does not mean you cannot find anything nutritious to eat on the menu. You just have to take the time to read the food descriptions carefully. Make special requests if you have to like substituting certain ingredients for healthier options.

Be wary of portion sizes

Portion sizes often vary in restaurants. Some may have bigger serving sizes than others. You do not have to finish off a meal on your own to avoid wasting food. You can just have the leftovers packed if you do not have anyone to share it with. You can always eat what is left as you continue on your journey. If you are traveling with family or friends, you can share with everyone which is may actually be a cheaper way to enjoy food while on road trips.

Healthy eating on road trips is possible with advance planning and self-discipline. Make the most of your time on the road without feeling guilty about stuffing yourself with unhealthy foods. Eat healthy, have fun, and experience the joys of road trips give.

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What Makes a Car Durable

Studies have shown that what limits a car’s life is corrosion resistance. Although dealing with the issue may not be difficult because one can combat it with proper car maintenance, making a car durable from the very beginning is actually demanding.

Durability Testing of Cars

Before a car reaches the showroom and goes into your garage, carmakers first have to make sure that it is reliable and durable at the same time. Reliable, in a sense that it will provide the services needed of it, and durable that it will be able to provide its services for a long time.

Makita CT226 12V max CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit, (2 Piece)

After lots of drilling and welding, the car will be tested for durability. The examination could involve the driving of the vehicle 24 hours a day for the entire week for over a month. The car might need to pass various temperature tests. It might even be put on a static dynamometer and operated at 120 miles per hour for several weeks. Testing the durability of a car is obviously not as simple as checking the strength of your cordless drill storage.

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Testing a car for durability might even involve opening and closing it a hundred times a day for a month and loading and unloading stuff in and from the vehicle.

Some manufacturers even have their own testing facilities to make sure the vehicles they will market can meet their and the clients’ standards. Aside from running the cars 24 hours a day, the cars’ wheels are sometimes tested too. In Mercedes-Benz advertisements, four-post shakers are used. In this test, every wheel is placed on top of a hydraulic pillar, each pillar connected to a computer. The pillars will then be used to simulate the bouncing and crashing of the car, which it will experience in a real road.

In another test, ATDS positioned cars in the Arizona desert and surrounded the cars with mirrors. This is to see if the paint and fabrics of the vehicles can overcome the issue of fading and withstand high temperatures.

During durability testing, everything is analyzed including its knobs, switches, and mirrors. Everything the manufacturer wants to be tested will be tested.

Below is a video of the 2016 Audi undergoing a durability test.

Worth It

No matter how difficult the testing is, if the car survives, then everything will be worth it. If it doesn’t, it’s still worth the time and effort, because that would mean the problems would be faced and the vehicle would be improved. Because of the patience of manufacturers and their goal to produce better cars, we get to use them longer for road trips and everyday activities. Without these tests, our vehicles wouldn’t be able to stand the test of time and other elements. In the end, what makes a car durable is the intense examination it went through.


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Taking a Garage Heater with You on Your Next Trip

Looking at the best garage heaters 2018, you’ll notice that most of them are portable and efficient at warming up your garage. But to consider bringing them for your next road trip sounds a bit absurd, doesn’t? Well, actually it isn’t. Let’s take a look at the case.



Compact, lightweight, and convenient. That’s what a garage heater is. It’s easy to install and use. Nowadays, mounted heaters are in. They can be installed on the ceiling or wall. But some mounted garage heaters are difficult to transfer. If you have a portable garage heater, you can quickly move it wherever you need more heat. Some people like to move theirs from the garage to another place in the house, say the basement, the porch, or even in the library. With a portable garage heater by your side, you can always have the warmth you need to be comfortable.

Travel Companion


Because garage heaters these days are portable, they can serve as excellent travel partners especially if you’re about to go to a cold region. After all, road trips have breaks, and you’ll have to stop driving for a while to stay somewhere else. With a garage heater, you no longer have to worry whether the room you’re staying in is too chilly. A garage heater enables you to focus the warmth where you need it the most. You can also control how much heat it’ll release, giving you total power over the unit. Some garage heaters may be small, but don’t underestimate their ability to produce heat and make the surroundings cozy for you. With it, you’ll be able to sleep soundly and stay warm throughout the night.

With the convenience of a garage heater, you’ll be able to visit cold places you weren’t able to reach before. All you got to do is plug it in and let it do its job. If you’re worried about electricity, you can always bring another portable technology—an inverter generator. It’s a lightweight source of energy that’s perfect for small garage heaters. So, why don’t you try taking a garage heater with you on your next trip? Bring one and be like Queen Elsa from Frozen—not letting the cold bother you.

News about garage heaters found here

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Side Tripping On Roads For Pools


Let’s face it. One of the greatest adventures a person can especially do in his lifetime is to go on a road trip. Not only will it allow you to get active more than usual physically, but also allow you to see things around you in a different perspective – like no other.

And let’s also face it. One of the greatest adventures a person can even do in his lifetime is to go on a road trip. Not only will it allow you to get active more than usual mentally, but also allow you to experience places around you in a new way – like ever before.

Thus, it’s only right for you to consider side tripping on roads for pools.

You see and contrary to what some people may generally think about pools, pools are not just great locations for when you need to cool off during the summer months. They are also great locations for when you simply need to relax your body like no other – thanks to a pool’s ability to soothe every inch of your muscles just by letting you dip your feet into its ripples and letting you take in the cool air blowing up on you within a beach-like ambience.

But of course, who could ever forget about a pool’s capability to make you spend more time with your loved ones like never before – further contributing to the bodily relaxation you will experience as you side trip on roads for pools…

And thus, it’s only right for you to consider side tripping on roads for pools.

You also see and contrary to what other people may generally think about pools, pools are not just great locations for when you need to warm on during the winter months. They are also great locations for when you simply need to rejuvenate your mind like never before – thanks to a pool’s ability to calm every inch of your nerves just by letting you dip your hands into its waves and letting you make out the warm sun shining down on you within a mountain-like ambience.

And of course, who could ever forget about a pool’s capability to make you spend more effort for your own self like no other – further contributing to the mindly rejuvenation you will experience as you side trip on roads for pools…

And yes – all these and more you can experience if you are side tripping on the road for the right kind of pool (for further information click this).

What do you think of this blog post? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Traveling Smart


You learn and pick up a lot of things when you are traveling. And even the most savvy-travelers are once newbies who have mastered quite a few travel hacks along the way. Whether it is your first time to travel to foreign destinations or not, here are some tips and tricks that could prove handy during your trip.

Plan it and wing it.
Find that balance between planning the important details and being flexible enough to make room for the unexpected. If you are the planner type, you do not have to sweat out the details. Just make sure that you have your travel essentials covered including a travel insurance that should provide ample coverage for different emergency situations. It is also good to know a little bit about the place you are going and what to expect such as the weather forecast throughout the duration of your stay, safety and security information, and more. Doing a bit of travel planning never hurts. And you might be surprised just how helpful it can be if you arrive well-prepared to an unfamiliar place.

Protect yourself from theft and scam.
Pickpockets, scams, and thefts in hotel rooms are just some of the crimes that occur in many touristy destinations. No matter how safe the place you are going, it does not hurt to plan ahead on how to protect yourself from scammers and thieves. If possible, avoid traveling with valuables. And make sure to keep whatever hard-to-replace or expensive item with you at all times or at the hotel safe. Use a backpack with secret compartment where you can put important items like your passport, wallet, or anything you would not want to fall into the hands of a skillful pickpocketer.

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Why Road Trips Are Unforgettable

Road trips are exciting, fun, and unforgettable. Have you done a road trip before? If not, then I think it’s better if you’ll try it too! Road trips are something you should look for in your life.

But why you should go on a road trip with your best buds? Here’s why!

You Have Total Control

Long vacation? Short breaks? What a perfect time to road trip!

You are the one responsible for everything you do during road trips. No schedules and plans are needed to experience one! You’ll get to explore and try new things wherever you are.

Nothing can be better than eating krema nuts while riding shotgun in a road trip.

Catching Up With Friends

Gang Road Trip

“I Told You. Get A Bigger Car Than This!”

Don’t have enough time to hang up with friends due to work? This is where road trips can help catch up with them!

Set a date and plan an exciting road trip with them. Have a good talk with insane friends. Feel free to laugh as loud as you can. No one can stop you! Aside from the stop sign, of course.

Singing and Listening Together to Awesome Music

Nothing makes a road trip complete without being able to sing and listen to an awesome song! Pick a cool music that you and your friends loved. Turn the volume up and let the fun moments begin!

 Explore and Learn More Things

Road trips are one of the best ways to discover and explore new things! You will find more interesting things wherever you go. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of your life! Try and experience new things.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your long awaited road trip!

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