Month: December 2018

What Makes a Car Durable

Studies have shown that what limits a car’s life is corrosion resistance. Although dealing with the issue may not be difficult because one can combat it with proper car maintenance, making a car durable from the very beginning is actually demanding.

Durability Testing of Cars

Before a car reaches the showroom and goes into your garage, carmakers first have to make sure that it is reliable and durable at the same time. Reliable, in a sense that it will provide the services needed of it, and durable that it will be able to provide its services for a long time.

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After lots of drilling and welding, the car will be tested for durability. The examination could involve the driving of the vehicle 24 hours a day for the entire week for over a month. The car might need to pass various temperature tests. It might even be put on a static dynamometer and operated at 120 miles per hour for several weeks. Testing the durability of a car is obviously not as simple as checking the strength of your cordless drill storage.

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Testing a car for durability might even involve opening and closing it a hundred times a day for a month and loading and unloading stuff in and from the vehicle.

Some manufacturers even have their own testing facilities to make sure the vehicles they will market can meet their and the clients’ standards. Aside from running the cars 24 hours a day, the cars’ wheels are sometimes tested too. In Mercedes-Benz advertisements, four-post shakers are used. In this test, every wheel is placed on top of a hydraulic pillar, each pillar connected to a computer. The pillars will then be used to simulate the bouncing and crashing of the car, which it will experience in a real road.

In another test, ATDS positioned cars in the Arizona desert and surrounded the cars with mirrors. This is to see if the paint and fabrics of the vehicles can overcome the issue of fading and withstand high temperatures.

During durability testing, everything is analyzed including its knobs, switches, and mirrors. Everything the manufacturer wants to be tested will be tested.

Below is a video of the 2016 Audi undergoing a durability test.

Worth It

No matter how difficult the testing is, if the car survives, then everything will be worth it. If it doesn’t, it’s still worth the time and effort, because that would mean the problems would be faced and the vehicle would be improved. Because of the patience of manufacturers and their goal to produce better cars, we get to use them longer for road trips and everyday activities. Without these tests, our vehicles wouldn’t be able to stand the test of time and other elements. In the end, what makes a car durable is the intense examination it went through.


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