Pressure Washing Your Car as a Cleaning Goal

pressure washing a car

Pressure washing should not only end up in your driveway, garage door, gutter, siding and patio furniture. It also caters power washing your best buddy- your car. 

Aim for the best. Drive to the test. You want your car to be always at its best? To keep with your smooth driving thoughts. I hereby call your attention for I deemed it very necessary to read closely our best power washer reviews. Choose the best for a grand satisfaction.

Safely pressure wash your car. Include this on your to-do list, or you might take this for granted.

Your car’s paintwork, panels, and tires are parts of the whole. I’m pretty sure that you love taking care of the appearance of your best driving buddy. You offer your most precious time spending it washing and detailing your car. But, more oftentimes, time is running out and cleaning your car has to be done quickly yet effectively. There are times that you find washing your card tedious and time-consuming. Well, not anymore. Pressure washing your car is seen as the most effective and efficient method of keeping your car in its crisp look. Most of all, pressure washing is easier than manual hand washing. It can give you the best results without ever damaging your car’s exterior glamor.

Use the Appropriate Pressure Washer 

I highly recommend checking our best pressure washer for washing cars. It is highly recommended for optimal cleaning and commendable results because of its variable pressure technology. Pressure washing cars require the appropriate power or the PSI (pounds per square) and the water flow. Hence, a garden hose is just not acceptable for it doesn’t have a strong cleaning capacity. It is very necessary to use a pressure washer with the appropriate pressure level. This is to protect the paintwork of your car.

Use the Appropriate Nozzles

Why is this to be considered? Nozzles of pressure washers come in different sizes. The size of the nozzle will affect the water distribution in the surface of yourpressure washing car. The correct size of the nozzle matters in evenly distributing the water. It is noted that narrow tips use more pressure yet covers less surface area while wider tips use less pressure but covers a wider area.

Use Appropriate Detergent

Don’t pick up any cleaning detergent in the store. Use a cleaning detergent suitable for pressure washers. Make sure to dilute the cleaning detergent with water because detergents are available as concentrates.

Park Your Car in an Open Space

Remember, you are pressure washing your car alone and nothing else. Be sure to do it in an open space with no other cars or objects. Or you might end up pressure washing the objects surrounding your car and worst if you can cause damage to the surrounding cars. A large driveway is a right place to do it. Make it sure that you have a close access to outlets especially if you are using an electric pressure washer.

Make pressure washing your car part of your cleaning routine but do not over do it. Spen time with your buddy despite your busy schedule. Organizing a cleaning schedule keeps you from bringing your car to a car wash. 

Pressure washing can speed up your  car cleaning goals. It is efficient in maintaining the shiny aura of your car in a quick and simple way.